Coaching and Consulting

As a consultant I will help you to identify and take the steps you need obtain significant improvements to organisational performance.

You will be able to make informed judgements about the most effective strategies to achieve your objectives.

I am available to work with you on your own personal/business solutions or organisational management.

I can also provide assessments of employees or applicants based on skills developed through the rigorous assessment processes of applicant adopters and foster carers.

I can deliver training, HR investigations, provide conflict or complaint resolution, or support you or your staff in overcoming personal or organisational barriers to success.

I can work with you on matters that need to be handled with sensitivity and absolute confidentiality, or I can support you in developing strategies to achieve your personal, career or business goals.

I can also provide independent, individual or group professional consultation to your staff or your management team.

A Person Centred Approach to meeting your needs has a strong foundation in professional theory and is linked to a Customer First business strategy.   Both are essential to equipping individuals and organisations to effectively manage an environment characterised by change, where adaptability and responsiveness are key assets.

My coaching and management consultancy are about supporting you in developing your unique potential. Orginality, creativity, and resourcefulness are within us all. My task is to support you or your organisation in developing these and turning them into the outcomes you desire.

As your coach or consultant I will help you to identify and take the steps you need to take to obtain significant improvements in personal or organisational performance.

Coaching arrangements are usually weekly but can be further apart and usually last for between one and one and a half hours. The length of these arrangements is negotiable but it is usually helpful to evaluate at around the sixth meeting to ensure that the way we are working together is meeting your needs in the most effective way.

The one and two day individual and small group engagements are designed to connect creativity and authentic individual experience.

Involving free expression through photography, ceramic art and/or painting, participants develop a deep connection with their natural creativity.

This combined with an opportunity to explore thoughts and ideas within a non judgemental, congruent, professional relationship, enables participants to tap into and develop new and dynamic resources within themselves.

The creation of a tangible and often highly symbolic artistic piece provides a transitional object serving as a long term connection with the insights and creative energies expressed in it’s production

The Essence of Coaching and of Person Centred Work

The core principle of performance coaching is ‘self directed learning’; what Tim Galway described as, ‘teaching people how to learn’. Coaches do this by asking questions that are not closed or leading, but open- turning the coachee’s focus inside. It is amazing how many answers lie undiscovered, in the quite spaces of the mind – answers which have become obscured by the pace of living, or past events, or by twists and turns of life, which may have happened yesterday or 50 years ago.
– Carole Wilson, Head of Accreditation, The Association for Coaching.

The essence of person-centred (working) is the actualising tendency:
Carl Rogers stated:
Practice, theory and research make it clear that the person centred approach is built on a basic trust in the person….(It) depends on the actualising tendency present in every living organism’s tendency to grow, to develop, to realise it’s full potential. This way of being trusts the constructive directional flow of the human being toward a more complex and complete development. It is this directional flow that we aim to release.
– Carl Rogers 1986







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